Sikh Motorcycle Club UK: A Year in Review (2023)

What a whirlwind year it’s been for the Sikh Motorcycle Club UK! From roaring engines to acts of selfless service, 2023 was packed with milestones, memorable rides, and unwavering dedication to the community. Let’s take a nostalgic ride down memory lane and revisit some of the highlights:

February: The year kicked off with the club’s first official meeting, setting the stage for a journey of brotherhood, adventure, and purpose.
March: The club made headlines with a feature in Leicester Mercury (Leicestershire Live) and an interview on BBC Radio Leicester’s Jo Bostock Show, spreading the word about their passion for bikes and Sikh values.
April: History was made as club members attended the Nottingham Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan for the first time, documented by the BBC One show team. They later participated in the Leicester Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan, showcasing their vibrant spirit and faith.
May: The club revved up their engines for a filming session with ITV’s The Motorbike Show with Henry Cole, further raising their profile in the motorcycle community.
June – July: The summer months were filled with scenic rides, from Leicester to Matlock Bath and Buxton to a relaxing Sunday outing at Rutland Water. Members also enjoyed a fun day out with families at Hunstanton Beach and paid their respects at the Festival of Thetford & Punjab, honouring the legacy of Maharaja Duleep Singh.
August: The club’s creative streak continued with the filming of a Punjabi song with Manak E! and a warm welcome to biker Gurmit Singh, who was travelling the UK on his motorcycle and visiting Gurdwaras.
September: Members proudly represented the club at the Leicester Summer Mela, celebrating their heritage and community spirit. A weekend adventure in Wales saw them conquer over 400 miles and create lasting memories.
October: Paying tribute to fallen heroes, the club participated in the Ride to the Wall event and the annual Guru Nanak Charity walk from Nottingham to Derby, raising funds for BBC Children in Need. They also witnessed the official inauguration of the Gurdwara Sahib at Guru Ramdas Way in Leicester and roared into the National Motorcycle Museum LIVE 2023.
November: Sharing their journey and inspiring others, club members returned to Jo Bostock’s BBC Radio Leicester Show and paid their respects at the Remembrance Day Service held at Victoria Park, Leicester. They also explored the latest trends at Motorcycle Live at the NEC.
December: December saw the club participate in the Leicester Nagar Kirtan procession, celebrating the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. They capped off the year by sharing their stories of kindness and service with the BBC, highlighting their collaboration with the Midland Langar Seva Society (MLSS) to provide food and support to those in need.
Beyond the listed events, countless local rides and get-togethers strengthened the bonds of brotherhood within the club. This year reaffirmed the Sikh Motorcycle Club UK’s commitment to promoting Sikh values, fostering a supportive community, and making a positive impact on the world around them.
“A heartfelt thank you goes out to every member who has contributed to making this year so special. Through challenges and triumphs, our unwavering belief in Waheguru kept us moving forward. Thank you for your passion, dedication, and commitment to making a difference.”
If you’re looking to join an amazing family that combines the thrill of the open road with the values of seva and community, the Sikh Motorcycle Club UK welcomes you with open arms.
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Here are some images that capture the essence of the club’s year:
We look forward to what the next year holds for the Sikh Motorcycle Club UK!